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Areas of activity

Activity as notary

Activity as attorney

Certified Specialist

SBA Inheritance Law


Marc Renggli

Jaqueline Renggli

Elisabeth Kunz




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Rechtsanwälte und Notare, Fachanwalt SAV Erbrecht

Étude d'avocats et de notaires, avocat spécialiste FSA droit des successions

Attorneys-at-law and notaries public, Certified Specialist SBA Inheritance Law


















General provisions

As attorneys-at-law and notaries public, we respect the professional code of conduct applicable to our sectors. We are particularly bound by professional secret, which guarantees you absolute discretion. Our independence from third parties guarantees you the neutrality of our legal advice.

As attorneys-at-law, one of our major objectives is to defend the interests of our clients the best we can. This not only concerns proceedings but also informing our clients of the risks associated with proceedings before initiating legal action.

In the context of mandates as notary public, we are obliged to safeguard the interests of all parties to a contract and of all the clients impartially.

The fee scales are different for the mandates as attorney-at-law and notary public. Hereinafter, we inform you concerning the applicable guidelines for the calculation of our wages and fees.


Fees of the attorneys-at-law

For the determination of our fees, we basically respect the Bernese Decree on the attorneys' fees; however, the rate of our fees corresponds at least to the following amounts:


Marc Renggli, attorney-at-law and notary public: CHF 270.00 per hour, except the specialty law of inheritance (specialist attorney SBA law of inheritance) CHF 300.00 per hour; settling of successions (except contracts) CHF 270.00 per hour;



Jaqueline Renggli, attorney-at-law: CHF 270.00 per hour;



Elisabeth Kunz, attorney-at-law and notary public: CHF 250.00 per hour.

In addition to these fees, our actual expenses and the federal value-added tax have to be paid.

You can consult the German or French version of the Bernese Decree on the attorney's fees by clicking on the hyperlink below:

German version of the Decree on the attorney's fees   /   French version of the Decree on the attorney's fees

Prior to the introduction of an action, we would be happy to inform you of the estimated costs.


Wages and fees of the notary public

For their principal professional activity which is exclusively reserved for notaries public, the notaries public are remunerated by wages, whereas they are paid by fees for their sidelines. In addition to these wages and fees, the actual expenses of the notaries public and the federal value-added tax have to be paid.

You will find the legal basis in relation with the remuneration of the notary public in the Bernese Decree on the wages of the notaries public. You can consult the German or French version of this decree by clicking on the hyperlink hereafter:

German version of the Decree on the wages of the notaries public   /   French version of the Decree on the wages of the notaries public

The hourly rate of our notaries public for their sidelines corresponds to the fees of the attorneys-at-law.

We would be only too pleased to provide you with an estimate of the costs of a mandate.